The Bones and Bobbins Podcast

14.5 - Halloween Bonus: The Oddities at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

October 28, 2020

S01E14.5: Down to its name, the 1893 World’s Fair: The Columbian Exhibition was as problematic as it was dazzling. So, once again, we’d like to set some ground rules: 1. Actual human beings should never, ever be used as amusing exhibits, 2. the world extends farther than the US and Europe, 3. you really shouldn’t assassinate the mayor, and 4. if you think that labeling an exhibit with a slur is a good idea, you’re an asshole. Wine fountains, however, are always welcome, as are desserts. Additionally, we can also confirm that modern-day Brooklyn folks would have fit in quite nicely in the parts of the Agricultural Building devoted to brewing beer, keeping bees, processing fancy wool, and running a small dairy.

Show notes:

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