The Bones and Bobbins Podcast

13 - When Witches Were Waltzing

October 9, 2020

S01E13: Samhain and Halloween history, witchcraft crafts (corn dollies/corn mothers, witch bells, and candles), and creating your own witchcraft altar.


As we descend into this year’s Spooky Season, we would just like to say that things maybe wouldn’t have been so messy with this Samhain/Halloween stuff if Constantine had properly hydrated. But, nobody asked us. So, instead, we’ll take you on a trip through some abridged pagan history, Haley will walk you through the sparkly treasures atop her witchcraft altar (and tell you how to set up your own), and Natali will bring in the bells, harvest husks, and candles to meet all of your witchcraft crafting needs!


Show notes:

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