The Bones and Bobbins Podcast

05 - Dolls, Creepy Lil Bastards

June 19, 2020

S01E05: Frozen Charlotte Dolls and Victorian Mourning Dolls.

You know what situation both Haley and Natali will nope right on out of? Creepy dolls. Whether they’re ceramics inspired by a morbid cautionary tale or literal wax copies of Victorian children who passed too soon, there’s just something about these dolls--or any doll, really--that’s always just a tiny bit unsettling. So, come along with us in season 1, episode 5 of the Bones & Bobbins Podcast as we open one of our more securely locked cabinets in the Curiosity Shop and explore the sad origins and clever finishing techniques of Frozen Charlotte dolls, plus the many, many dolls and effigies made by mourning Victorians and modern makers.

Show notes:

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